Copyrights: what am I allowed to change?

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This has been bothering me since I started DAZ and now I am planning on publishing my first renders, I thought that perhaps it would be clever to just ask, instead of guessing...
I always read the artist README considering commercial use and such, so that is clear (being allowed to sell your renders, not the CG you bought).
But what if I change a face texture, or add some color to the hair in Gimp, make a render with it and sell or publish that?
(Note: I don't mean to just change a color of an item and then sell it as my own, I mean changing it and then using it in my renders)
What if I have checkered trousers and give it pink hearts instead for my renders?
How much freedom I have to temper with these?


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    The items you buy are yours to use in renders in any way you want.

    Users frequently add pieces of one clothing item to another, change the colour or texture etc. It is usually called 'kit bashing'.

    The main point is, the renders are yours to sell or give away if you want to. Changing materials on clothing, or even using transmaps to make a completely different piece of clothing are acceptable. Selling or giving away the resulting figure is not, but anything you render is yours.

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    Aaah, that cleared things up :D
    I adjusted some hair colors and make-up in the original textures in Gimp and was unsure if I'd be able to use it for my renders.
    Glad to know that I can continue with them :)
    Thanks for enlightening me ^^

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    No problem :)

    Renders and animations are both OK. Have fun.

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