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Putting DAZ folder on an external

zug22zug22 Posts: 60

I just bought Poser2012 and I intend to try both Poser and DAZ4.0 for various things.
My problem is that I don't have enough drive space on my main HD so I got a new external. I want to copy my DAZ3D folder (all 86GB of it) onto the new external and thus provide space to install a new Poser Runtime folder on the main HD.
Will this work?
Can I just copy it over and tell DAZ where the new folder is (with the content manager) and expect it to all go fine?


  • DestinysGardenDestinysGarden Posts: 1,891
    edited December 1969

    Funny you should ask that. We were just talking about the same thing over here.
    If it was me, I would put the Poser runtime on the external drive as well. I've got one main runtime on an external and I point both programs to the same runtime.

  • zug22zug22 Posts: 60
    edited December 1969

    Thanks Denstinysgarden, very helpful.

    Is it not hard then to use one runtime for both?
    I have all my DAZ content in the "My Library" folder with the Runtime folder inside it.
    It seems that the Poser content is kind of a subset of DAZ content according to the directories I see. .. .
    Will that work okay? That would sure save me a heck of a lot of installing!

  • DestinysGardenDestinysGarden Posts: 1,891
    edited December 1969

    Right. The stuff in the My Library can be moved to the external. The folders that say things like animals, cameras, lights, people, presets, props, etc are the DS files. Everything in the Runtime folder is what Poser wants, but DS wants the stuff in the runtime too, and if you are using the DSON plugin Poser wants some of the DS files now too. One big happy family. Your version of Poser and DS will have no problems sharing the runtime. The last time I installed PP2012 and DS4.5 both programs offered me a choice of where I wanted included content installed, so I was able to put the program on my computer's hard drive and all the extra content on the external.

  • zug22zug22 Posts: 60
    edited December 1969

    Thankyou again ! :D

  • SickleYieldSickleYield Posts: 6,765
    edited December 1969

    I have two Poser runtimes (PP2012 and P8) and two DAZ ones (DS3 and DS4.5) and I keep everything on external drives. My main system drive is an SSD so it's way too small.

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