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I'm trying to find a trench coat for M4 to create the Red Skull similar to the one pictured below. (Image from Bowen Designs). Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    The only one I know if is for M3, so you'd need to convert it. Good news is, it's free:

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    Thanks Fenric! I'll give it a try.

    Any guidance on converting the coat to work with M4. I really only use Carrara, but I have DazStudio 4.5 too.

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    Are you trying to animate this, or just pose it? If you aren't animating, it would probably be easiest to just position and pose the coat separately - don't even try to conform it.

    Normally, I'd recommend Wardrobe Wizard or Cross Dresser - not free, but very much worth it. Unfortunately, a long flowing coat like that will most likely not convert well.

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    if you are animating, fit it on him in a t pose, export as an obj with morphs and skinning ticked, reimport, select his hip and the obj and go to animation, attach skeleton
    then have lots of fun posing him, select the spanner, click on the animation tab and weightpainting brush and tidy up which bones affect which vertices
    it will cause lots of screaming and headbanging as random verts spike etc but all good fun :snake:
    seriously you can fluke it too and get it attached nicely first go!

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    I would just use Genesis in C8.5 myself!

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    Thanks Fenric and Wendy. I'm only going to do static renders.


    I agree about using Genesis. Unfortunately the skull head morph from Joe Quick is for M4. I'll try the obj import. I've used it before on hand made items and it works well once the weight painting is correct


    I'm going to look into Wardrobe Wizard and Cross Dresser. I don't mind paying for good product. I hope there'a a Mac version.

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