Content Library Doesn't load consituent parts - ever

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Apologies for all these questions. I do make a search before posting and try to find an answer.

I have a major problem with loading props , figures and clothes. Despite carefully installing legacy products so their constituent folders and files within them are all in the right place, every slngle time I load a prop or legacy figure apart from V3,V4 and daz-specific products, I get a dialogue asking me where the geometry, then texture files are. Why would I be asked where an obj file is when it is already in My Library\Runtime\Geometry under the correct heading and folder created by the vendor?

In Poser, even if put files in the wrong location then second time around, poser then remembers where all the files are on subsequent loading.

How do I go about installing a legacy product so that all the parts load without me having to trawl through folders to find where everything is to satisfy the dialogues that pop up each time I load a prop for example?

In Daz Studio (at least on my system) I get the same load error every time. I also notice that despite having Character, People, Props, clothing etc folders in my library, they do not appear that way in the list of folders in the content tab. In fact the character tab doesn't appear at all like the layout in my actual "my library" folders. Can someone please tell me how I create a folder within the Content Tab/list so that it appears as a folder heading AND refers to an actual folder within my library?

I have long been an advocate for getting rid of what I perceive as rather silly ways of installing products, so that instead of every part, including geometry, poses and textures being spread about different folders, each product has ONE master folder with everything pertaining to it within. To me this would make it so much easier to keep track of everything.

I do recognise that in some cases it is useful to have some bits and pieces of some products in function-specific folders, but in the main I feel that is something one should opt into. Poser and now Daz has a long history of convoluted bits and pieces strewn all over multiple folders and before long it becomes a complete mess.

Does anyone else agree that it is so much easier if each product has all of its geometry, cr2 and texture files in just one folder? Of course it should be easy enough to design a Poser or Studio interface that also provides for menus which also have figures, poses, props etc etc. That can be done by cross-referencing. I am aware that Studio does have a "product" indexing, but it does not always work as intended.


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    Either the installation is wrong, and it does sound as if that isn't the case, or the wrong folder is selected as a Poser content directory. Please post a screenshot of the Content Library pane showing the folders under Poser Formats up to the content you are trying to load.

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    Hi Richard. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply. I can't upload a shot at the moment but my Poser Format (which is the relevant one) content library is thus:

    Poser Formats >MY LIBRARY >/.......Camera

    Below "My Library" is "My DAZ Library" but that has nothing beside it. Studio 4.5 installed in C:\DAZ 3D and C:\DazStudio4.

    "My Library" is in a sub folder of DAZ 3d and I opted to install my library there rather than in "My documents", which was as far as I could see a legitimate choice and it works fine with no problems finding the smart content items. All the stuff in Smart Content including saved genesis stuff loads flawlessly. It is only the old poser stuff in the Poser Format section that doesn't load the geometry or textures without first popping up "cannot find xxxx etc" but the icons relating to the items Cr2 or Pz2 or props are all correct but Studio prompts me for the obj and texture files each time. However all the legacy poser stuff does appear as it should beside the categories, except the "character" folder content appears as "Figures" in the content library withiin Studio.

    It is possible that I'm installing the legacy content wrongly. That's not surprising as there is no consistency between vendors with some using their name as a folder, others the name of the item folder then several sub folders. Poser world stuff in particular is very badly signposted whereas Renderosity and DAZ items are generally standardised as to which bits go in which folder.

    I suspect if I opted to show the content library items in Smart Content (I think I saw this option) it will load without problems but I can't find a way of keeping them there. If I restart Studio they no longer show in Smart Content, but the saved characters do show there as "unassigned".

    Thanks for your help!

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    It would help us a great deal if we knew what your PC type was and what OS you are on.

    That aside, lots of the older content needs both the POSER and DS files installed. The Poser installer holds the Obj and other settings and the DS installer holds just the files and settings needed for the POSER figure to work the best in DS. You might not have the full content installed for the items you can not load.

    Example: A Runtime folder for a Poser item will have a Geometries folder that holds the obj file. I see none listed in your post.

    Also a My Library folder no matter the name can not be inside another My library folder. That will Break the Paths used in the Cr2's or other load files. Nested folders break the paths. Only 1 DS (My Library) folder in each folder and only 1 Runtime inside the Runtime Folder will work.

    You can have other folders that are Outside the Other folders and pointed to in the DS prefs. Nesting breaks things.

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