New .DUFus here - Clothes won't conform... Help!

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At least I feel like a .DUFus at this point. I'm brand new to Daz 3D and just getting around to using the features and morphs. I installed Daz 4.5, Genesis Starter Essentials and also bought the V4.2 Starter Bundle. All that's cool so far.

The problem I'm having is as follows:

I also bought Marvelous Designer 2 (love it) but, when I export a garment to Daz (.obj is the only format), none of the textures and colors show up. Just a blank, grey image of the clothing. That kinda defeats the purpose of designing clothes for Daz characters. The characters work great in Daz (so far) but, the clothes imported don't move with them. So, first how can I export/import the garments right (just as they are in MD2) and how do I get the clothes to conform? Any help is greatly appreciated.

- HakatRe


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    OBJ meshes are just Static Meshes, fixed with no rigging for movement.

    Most people that use MD2 pose the figure first in MD2 and then export the clothing so it fits the same pose on the same figure.

    So if you want clothing that conforms and moves then you would need to rig it.

    As for the textures you have to load them manually through the Surface Pane.

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    Getting the clothes to conform requires rigging them - you can start the process with the Transfer Utility, though you are likely to need to adjust the results in many cases. The rigging tools are discussed here .

    The lack of textures is probably down to DS not liking the MTL files from marvellous Designer - you can reapply the textures and set colours in DS using the Surfaces pane. Use the Surface selection tool to click on the model to pick a surface (or more than one, holding the ctrl(Win)/cmd(Mac) key down), then in the Surfaces pane click the square to the left of the Diffuse colour colour bar, select Browse..., and load your image.

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    Thanks for your help folks. I'll give it a try. Lots of trial and error for this stuff but, I will be worth going through all the growing pains.

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