Applying a character body... But chaning the figure...

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I have a question.

I've noticed with some characters, when I apply a head, it changes the whole figure.... Or if I just apply the body, the head also changes. Is this supposed to happen?

For example, I use a custom head, and put basic male.... It makes the jaw too big, and does stuff to the face. But all I want is to keep the head, the custom look, but keep the body to be basic male. .

Or if I apply James head to genesis, it changes the entire body james. Is this supposed to happen?

I've noticed this sporadically with characters I buy, that applying parts that are different altering the whole character.

I'm just curious, I've always taken this for granted, but wondering if it is supposed to happen, and if it does, if there is a way to reset just the head, or the body so only that section is affected.


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    Most but not all Genesis characters come with a seperate head slide, so if you want just the body you slide the head negative once yove dialed in the character, if you want just the head just use the head slide.
    Hope that makes sense.

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    Hi,, about genesis and her or his character morph, you can not add morph with the parts of figure body where you select node

    but , you can use moprh which can change the each parts of full body , select genesis root.
    so not need select face, or hand, or plevis etc,,)

    (edited if I make you more confuse ^^;? if you use region navigator tool, and shaping tab,
    it can show up the each part morph,where you selec.
    so it seems easy (but if the morphs are not categorized well,it may not work,
    so now I seldom use region navigation tool,, (the icon shape is like man shape,)

    you just need to find and understand each morph which can change where parts or full BODY.

    you better check read me of the products.
    if they have each morph, you can find them by category which vendor decide .

    eg about female genesis morph, you can find full body morph, in parameter tab, or shape tab,
    Actor>female category.

    <<or if the morph did not categorized,,, you need to check each morph files in content library.</p>

    (Edited,, sorry,,the above section is wrong ^^; >> I mix up morph files and INJ character files, or character preset files,
    if you just want to find each morph controller , you need not serch content library,,)

    and about head morph, Actor>Head>section.

    if there are head morph,(sometimes, you may not find it but many case there are head morph)
    usually the file name is FHM(names) I think. so when you check "read me" if there is "FHM(character).dsf"
    the product may have the FHM, and may have Full body morph too.
    (but you know,, true file name and tthe label name of controller are differnt usually)

    after that,, try same as scorpio64dragon said,,
    first apply full body morph, then turn the head morph value to negative full,

    (that means, you remove the delta of face morph from full body morph .
    so genesis change only body parts,, and if you hope,, you can save the shape as new morph targets,,

    (though You need to learn how to make morph ,, from documents or forum topics,,
    it is easy,, if you try,,)

    sometimes,, I save it as new morph, which can change only body shape, but keep the face to
    mix up meny character morphs.
    hope can help you something ^^;

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