Volver-Video (Liveshots+Carrara-Renderings)

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Hello Carrararists!

Just want to present you a video done with "holiday"-footage (Photos&Video;) and Carrara-Renderings done in about 2 days... or 3 "normal working" days. It´s the 1st cut and I don´t know if the owner of the hostel likes it (but I think it´s not bad for that amount of time). ...but I love that land (canary islands) and their local people so much that I decided to move over there next year. Instead of being a sad and self-destructing German I´ll be a positive lucky Canarian in the future!

Here it is in HD, 1.30min:

* ...at my holidays cycling around Gran Canaria (as I did last year on Lanzarote, Fuerteventura & GranCanaria where I stopped until this year :D ) the owner of that hostel asked me to make a video and for every hour I work here I`m able to stay there one day for free (incl. everything!) after may 2013 :D ! Perfect. It´s even more perfect that I found a little job at Gomera (small Canary Island) on march.

I know that there are some german artists out there reading this. Believe me:
Go away! Germany is only made for cars, beer and football. It´s like a big bad commercial. Even if you stay poorer at other states it is more worth thand staying in germoney.


BTW: You could see my new home in the background of the first Videos shot at the highest mountain on Gran Canaria which is roundabout 1920m above sealevel.
P.S.@Daz3D: This is not a commercial. This is just living as an artist. I even painted some walls of that hostel by hand...

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