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I had used DAZ 3, then had to move away from graphics for awhile. I recently downloaded 4.5 Pro, and I'm trying to relearn. I noticed, in the 4.x UG, that content resides in Documents>DAZ 3D>Studio>My Library. However, on my hard drive, after installing/registering 4.5 Pro, I'm seeing the following configuration: My Documents>DAZ 3D>Studio3>content [Note: There is no “My Library”. See .jpg attached.]. I've just started using the software, and I haven't experienced problems (other than needing to reinsert the serial number each time I start the app, as described in an earlier post). Does this configuration indicate an improper installation which will lead to problems?

I'm trying to avoid a situation where I waste time trying to figure out why I'm having problems when the core issue is an improper installation.



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