Removing references to mis-installed Legacy/.dsf files in Content Manager/Smart Content

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Not knowing what the new "Legacy" installers were for, post-DSON I went ahead and installed them, along with the Genesis files.
They were useable in 4.5, but redundant as I learned they were for Studio 4 exclusively.

So I had a lot of double entries.

Uninstalled all the Legacy products; used the content mngmnt options on the pull-down, but still have a lot of those gray-exclamation point boxes all over the content library/smart content areas.

In the process, I also lost the images for many of the Genesis-installer files.

What is the correct procedure for removing .dsf, if one is in 4.5?

(Notice how I didn't say a thing about how dumb it is to make that big a change to our Downloadable Products lists, without including a tiny-little READ THIS FIRST advisement.)

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