Is it possible to update a PBM in Genesis?

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Having created a partial body morph in Hexagon and applied it to a zeroed base Genesis figure I then worked the resulting figure up to a nearly finished item. Then I decided that the morph needed tweaking. Is there a way to do this? I wondered if I could tweak the morph in Hexagon, delete the existing obj brought in by Morph Loader Pro and substitute the updated morph obj, but I cannot locate a file corresponding to the name of the original existing obj.

Any thoughts welcome.


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    Hi,,, I want to more clear how do you save your PBM,,
    and tell me where you can find your PBM controller. in ds 4 now?

    if you made PBM for genesis in hexagon, (it needs not perfect of course)
    and use hexagon bridge or morph loader pro, after that you might need to save the PBM.

    if you did not save the PBM (FBM) yet, you better first save the PBM as morph file
    in ds 4. if you did not, the PBM has gone away when you load new genesis, or close the scene.

    in this case, you need not overwriteh the morph,, just it has gone away.
    if you load new genesis.

    of course you can make new PBM from your obj which saved or exported.
    (if you saved it before,,)

    you can tweak and modify your PBM whenever you want in hexagon, once you saved it in ds 4(or 4.5)
    so if you save the morph already tell me how you save it.

    if it is clear, you can export the morph sahpe again to hexagon and tweak it, and overwrite the PBM.

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