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hello! It seems that the file "native content", when re installing carrara 8, doesn't work at all with Windows 8 -64 bit...maybe I do something wrong, but I just test on another computer with Windows vista the same "native ciontent" file, and it works perfectly...
so: does anybody has a suggestion about Windows 8, to solve that?
and, if not, is there a way to save shaders on an ext-ernal disk, to "move" them on the carrara of the Windows 8 computer???
thank you for your help!!!


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    HI Celmar . :)

    Q: What happens when you install the native content,. Q: what error messages do you get,.?

    Any screen captures of what's happening,.. or what you're doing,. would help

    It''s very strange if Windows 8 has any problems with the content being installed,. since it's not an application, it's just a bunch of scene files and texture maps. there shouldn't be any problems with the actual content files, but the product installer is a little application, so that could possibly have an issue,.. but,.. Win 8 should have "compatibility modes" for older software,.. to allow them to run.

    Any info you can give about what you do, and what error messages, and why windows8 won't allow you to install the content, may help.

    I think most people are still on Windows 7,.,.. there may not be a rush of people jumping in with a fast answer.


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    hello 3dage!...
    you are in europ, I suppose! (or insomniac...)
    when I "play" native content to install it, in w8, I have a blank, empty, pop up, and nothing happens... I've tried when disabblming my anti virus, as Avast seems very agressive, but that doesn't change... when "playing" it in w7, everything is normal...
    ok, let me add that I'm very goofy with the handle of computer... so, it's a new computer, with W8, so if something doesn't work, I think automaticcally that it's W8... maybe I'm totally wrong, in fact!...:wow:

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    Hi Celmar :)

    Yes,. I'm in Scotland :)

    From the "Blank" pop up window,.. it could be some sort of Graphics issue, but i'm guessing here, so i'd wait for someone with Windows 8 to pop in with better advice.

    Any system specification of your new computer would be helpful
    what make / model of graphics card is it ?

    This maybe a strange question,. but,.. have you tried to see if there are any updates to Win 8 available yet.

    Andy :)

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    yes, I get the update, right after installing W8..
    3dage, I have installed the native content on another computer, with W7... for the shaders, is it a way to save them on an external disk, then to "import" them in the C8 on the W8 computer? well, I know "add folder", so importing seems to be not a problem, but how to save externally some shaders?

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    Hi :)
    Most of the Native content is installed into
    C:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\Carrara8\Presets ...folder.

    so you should be able to copy those to the win 8 system.

    The installer also adds some files into the C:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\Carrara8\Data,. folder,.. such as leaves.
    and you should be able to copy all of those onto a USB stick, or another drive, and transfer them to the win 8 system.


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    I just set the install file to run in compatibility mode for windows 7 and had no problem.

    you can try that.

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