Get Genesis work with DAZ Skeleton the same way as Michael4 and Skeleton M4

bloodboybloodboy Posts: 31

I just tryed to work with Genesis and DAZ Skeleton the same way as with with Michael 4 and Daz Skeleton M4
If i try to fit it to Genesis it will screw up , but maybe I did the wrong adjustments ?
Does anyobody has some tricks how to work with Genesis and Daz Skeleton together ..
So that the pose Genesis is doing the fitet Skeleton will do the same ..

Also a Genesis Skeleton could be a awesome product as well !

greets Tobias


  • Nester751Nester751 Posts: 209
    edited December 1969

    I discovered I'd been missing the M4 skeleton. If I try to use other M4 poses on it the hands and feet break.

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