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mark - 04 December 2012 06:27 PM

One big problem I have noticed is that some companies are now starting to package crapware with their products. I got one of these web add bots on my computer recently. I’m not 100% sure where it came from.  CNET is certainly a possibility. But I have noticed many more formerly reputable companies have taken to packaging crapware with their products. You have to check every installer very carefully to make sure what it is actually going to install. You have to use an Admin account to install the software you want, so once you give the Admin password, you have to be careful what they are actually installing.

Not just Cnet…heck Adobe Flash is wanting to install extra crapware…and unlike years ago, when things were going like this, there is no outcry from the JoeUser…no massive out-pouring of dissent.  The masses are blindly allowing it…


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