a way to edit shaders in more detail?

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hi there dear dazheads,
right now i'm experimenting with possibilities of shaders.
when i use a shader for expample on the headskin of my character, i can change the structure of the shader by playing
with the horizontal/vertilcal tiles & offset controls which one can find in "surfaces".

that's interesting and good but not the kind of change i want to achieve...

i want to go more detailed. for me the shader is kinda too "strong"...so i want to lessen the effect.

any idea how to achieve that?

i tried to open the files in my shader directory, no chance... pretty newbie guerilla style :D

thanks for reading and help

so long!

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    I would need more information about what you think is to strong and what sort of shader your using. Is it DAZ default, HSS, or ubershader? Did you look at the surface settings in the surface tab? That is a great place to start fiddling.

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    Hi mysterious_rabbithole :)

    All skin shaders, and most other shaders use "texture maps" or,.. images,. to you and I,..

    All Shaders, are a combination of different channels,such as the "diffuse" (colour) texture map, as well as texture maps for effects like Bump or Specular (shininess),. and values for reflection or transparency etc..

    If you have a problem with a shader,. it helps if you can post a Snapshot of what you're seeing as the problem, so that others can see and offer better advice.
    it also helps to post an image of your "Surfaces tab" or shader list, so people can see the different settings used.

    the term "strong" could mean several things, either the colour saturation, or the bump effect, or the displacement effect, so we really need to know what you mean by "strong",

    Hope it helps :)

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