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This is a bit off the wall. There are a number of character morphs out there which are designed as fae and they all have weird ears. Not all the same type of weird ears, but weird, nonetheless. Some of the characters could be used normally if it weren't for the ears. Plus there are characters which are older and have been ported over through GenX which in their original iterations had those fae ears, and there doesn't appear to be any way of getting rid of them.

Is there a morph package out there which would restore human ears to these figures? Or at any rate make the ears go away, so another pair could be substitued. Maybe we could use a whole replacement ears package.


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    Hey JOdel. I don't know which character you're thinking about, but I just checked with the default V4.2. When I clicked on her Head in the Scene Tab and then checked the Parameters Tab, I scrolled down to Morphs | Shapes > Morphs++ > Ears and double-clicked the right facing triangle/arrow so that it's pointing down. That's where all the ear morphs are.

    By default they're all "hidden", but I usually have Show Hidden Parameters checked so I see them even if they're greyed out. You should be able to see what morphs were used, and then you can zero them out to get normal ears back. I can definitely see EarsElf and EarsElfLong as two parameters.

    Hope that helps. :-)

    OK, I take that all back. I just set those two parameters to not hidden, and nothing happened to the ears when I tried moving the slide. Maybe they're done with deformers? In that case, I have no idea as I've still not learned how to use them.

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    Actually, I'm talking about Genesis. Specifically Genesis using morphs ported through GenX. Some gen4 characters have the ears, but more of them came with normal ears and a fae ear morph. I can deal with that, it's not a problem. But some of the gen3 figures *only* come with the fae ears, and no other option. And even the 'ears gone' morph doesn't get rid of them.

    Actually, I'm sure there are also Genesis figures that only come with fae ears as well. I haven't gone searching through my runtimes looking for them, though.

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