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Persistent DSON DLL Error: “%1 is not a valid Win32 application”
Posted: 30 October 2012 04:34 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I took a break from it before I went insane from frustration, but I would really love to get Genesis working in PP12.  The problem?  Even after re-installing 64-bit DSON (to C:\Program Files\Smith Micro\Poser Pro 2012\) after the recent update and making sure my C++ was up to date, I’m still getting this error.  The funny thing is, I’m trying to run 64-bit DSON in 64-bit PP12 on a 64-bit Windows 7 machine with C++ 2010.  It’s 64-bit all the way, so it shouldn’t even be LOOKING for a Win32 program!  Plus, the message displays twice, which is especially odd.

I thought about deleting older C++ versions, but a quick Google search revealed that that may make other programs stop working.  I’m going to resume experimenting and see if I can figure anything out.  Meanwhile, is anyone else still having this problem?  If you are, what have you tried so far?  Any assistance will be immensely appreciated!

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No idea honestly, what I do know is that for DS you need at least the VC redistributable runtime 2005 and 2010. I believe the DSON program thingie also needs them. You could download dependency walker ( and see if it gives you a list of missing files. It could also be an environment variables issue. Process Monitor ( is another program that might help pin-point the issue. I hope you can get this solved!