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Beware of Moonshine’s Diner Interior I update 1.2
Posted: 30 October 2012 04:01 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I updated Moonshine’s Diner Interior I, SKU 13862 from version 1.1 to 1.2. Now when I open a previously saved scene that used that product, I get error messages saying that assets needed to load the files were missing. When the scene loads, props from that set are shown only as white cube shaped items. The scenes were saved as DUF files with DS only a few days ago. the readme for the update says “2012-10-29- v1.2 - Removed autoadapted data files and resaved scenes with data in proper folder”. Since the props were positioned manually to create some of my my scenes, I cannot restore them by just reloading a new scene preload file.

Does anyone know a way around this problem? Is there some way to edit the DUF scene file to swap to the new geometry files?

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