I keep getting kicked out of Platinum club?

SkyshorrSkyshorr Posts: 28
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Hi folks, Am I the only one who is always getting kicked out of the Platinum Club?
I like membership, I don't get it?
PS, I am not on line at home thus can only check out the Daz site once or twice a week, maybe i am missing stuff that goes on.
It bugs me that I have to repay the 29.95 re-entry fee when I have never renounced my membership.


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,619
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    We know that getting a refund tends to break the PC Subscription, so it's wise to check your status if you do that. If that doesn't account for the problems you may need to ask Sales to check your account - there may be something cross-wobbed.

  • SkyshorrSkyshorr Posts: 28
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    Thanx for the reply.
    In my case I lost membership in the early summer with the web site change, I re-paid and lost membership a month ago again.
    I have never really used my discount credits, I just like access to the Daz Originals.
    If I pay the 69.95 for a year will it cost 29.95 again?

  • SkyshorrSkyshorr Posts: 28
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    PS The cafe is closing got to go, see ya.

  • Maniacal JesterManiacal Jester Posts: 1
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    I cancelled by PC subscription five months ago, but this morning I got an email from DAZ stating they have processed my monthly renewal when I have not been a member in over fives months nor have I been charged during that time. This was not authorized by me. I guess DAZ offices are closed today as I cannot get anyone on the phone. I've submitted a support ticket and contacted my credit card company to block further transactions from DAZ until this is resolved.

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