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Hi all.

I recently purchased the Supersuit bundle, with a particular interest in the Fantasy Set. However, I have been having trouble getting it to do what I want it to do...

1) Is there a good tutorial on how to effectively use it? I don't see any guides or tutorials anywhere.
2) How do you actually change the materials to a specific section? For example, if I use the Fantasy fur armor style, it defaults with a metallic chest piece. How do I change this to match the fur or leather used by the rest of the suit? I can't seem to apply the materials the way I do for any other figure...
3) Are there any options that would do a good job of creating a bikini style outfit? Seems like the supersuit would be great for this, but I can't find any shape styles that do this. Would be really nice for fantasy renders to create the common cheesy chainmail or barbarian fur bikini!



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    1) Have you checked this thread out? It contains links to tutorial videos by DAZ_Rand. They are based on an earlier version of the suit, but still provide an excellent way of learning the ropes.
    2) There is a surface selection tool just for that. It should be right next to the universal selection tool.
    3) The material zones are not optimal for creating clothing of such kind. DAZ_Rand was going to release custom material zones for this purpose, but he has since gone AWOL. You could take a closer look at FlipMode's G-Suit, as its material zones are better suited for creating basic clothing, though I doubt you will be able to create any decent bikinis with that one either. If you can't make either custom material zones or a custom diffuse map, you can always search the store and/or Renderosity for something that could work.

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