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Simple (I’m Sure!), But How Do I Set A Morph Target Dial For A Prop In DAZ Script? SOLVED
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Solved, and yes it was simple…

oProp.getObject().getModifier(0).getValueChannel().setValue1.0 ); 

Found the answer in Semidieu’s Change shapes value thread, also in the Developer Discussion forum. I’d confused myself because I’d started with a node, not an object (my oProp is a DzNode).

I don’t think I’ll go for the one-line solution I’ve given - a few checks as mentioned in the other thread are probably a wise future-proofing precaution.


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Take a look at DAZ Studio > v4.x > Reference Guide > Scripting > API Reference > Samples # Properties.



- Documentation Center
- Install Manager
- DAZ Studio 4.x
- DSON Importer
- DSON File Format Specification