M4 Elite Texures, toast issue

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So i bought the M4 Elite bundle, the textures come with toast but when i load them in Daz the skin colors are not matching at all with the body. In Poser they seem to work fine though. Can't really think of anything i've done wrong, how hard can it be to apply a material ? But they're elite textures, they should look incredibly good, so what could i possibly be missing here?
Obviously i can't post a render of the problem area, but this abstract painting is colorpicked from Jeremy. The colortransition is actually that abrupt in the render.

Edit : using Daz Studio on Win7 64bit

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    Obvious question, since you have the bundle - you are using the matching textures? Also, you are using the DS settings for both and not Poser for one and DS for the other?

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    Yes and yes. They each have 1 textureset for DS and 2 for Poser (AO and non-AO).

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    Anyone else having this issue, or can confirm not having the color difference ?

    Upon -uhm...- closer inspection of the problem area, the toasts seems to match the legs but not the hip area wich is paler (guess he wears his speedo's at the beach). Almost as if the hiparea was given last minute tan lines after the other texturing was done. But that doesn't seem likely to me, they're elite textures after all, and i have the issue on severalof these textures.
    I also said the issue didn't occur in Poser, but it does, although much less noticeable.

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    Can you check if the specular and ambient settings match?

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    All surface settings match, except for Subsurface Color (matching them doesn't make it better).
    Tried different lightings, but to no avail...

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