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When your zombies are need of some fresh brains, or your vampires want a change from blood. Why not try an Unhappy Meal. Consisting of the parts below, in crunchy poser prop format, this healthy snack will keep your creatures going until sunrise.

The MurderBurger - Freshly ground from teenagers who've got lost in the woods, topped with dripping toe cheese in the shape of fangs. You should be aware this burger is an seriously bad mood. Well, you would be if some mad b*gger had just minced you up!, so watch out it can bite back.

The Fries - Presented in a coffin shaped box, these crunchy fries are fat-free and salt free, are always a favorite amongst younger monsters. Being made of fried bones, these are full of calcium and make for a healthy treat that aids claw, fang and slashing nail growth.

The Drink - This much loved slime flavored drinkie is made from the squeezed brains of X-Factor viewers.
It takes on average over 100 brains per drink, as lets be honest here theres much not in the headspace here.

Note: This freebie is a parody item.

Download from:
Roughly 4mbish

600 x 600 - 70K
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