Had a sex change and nothing fits me anymore.

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I've been playing more and more with my Mr. Low figure finding ways to shave more polygons off him here and there and I've been getting him pretty low.

Then I decided to give him a sex change which boosted the polygon count again. Women, always hogging the polygons, am I right guys?

I did an okay job making a female form. Not as shapely as the Genesis basic female and the breasts are smaller too but she's still definitely a woman.

Now I noticed Mr. Low had no problem wearing the Genesis clothing and I had assumed Mrs. Low would likewise be able to fit into the Genesis clothes. It seems I was wrong. Upon further examination it would appear Mr. Low fits nicely into Genesis clothes because he is quite a bit slimmer than an actual genesis figure. Mrs. Low too is a slimmer figure (since she's just a modified Mr. Low) but she doesn't fit into the Genesis clothes because her girly parts are just a bit too big.

Is there a way I can rig the Genesis clothes to fit my own figures?

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    Try collision/smoothing/push modifiers with your figure being the collision object. Push modifiers are in cm and load at 1 cm...so fractional values (like 0.1...1 mm) are best to start with. The options to add them are on the Edit menu or if they are already present, in the Parameters tab.

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    I've also noticed a problem where every now and then my figures will lose their Sub-D geometry and nothings gets it back short of restarting Daz. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong to cause this?

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    Smoothing modifier to the rescue! Thanks that did the trick.

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    Is this a new shape for Genesis, or have you created a new figure using the Genesis skeleton and modified mesh?

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    It's a new figure I made that has a low polygon count (1772 polygons). I rigged it by just fitting it to a genesis figure, then fit the skeleton to the shape (my figure isn't perfectly genesis shaped, it's skinnier and the limbs are not quite the same length, but close). So it works great with genesis poses and animations, but needs a little help getting into genesis clothing.

    The clothing is kind of key since the body doesn't look very pretty naked due to the low polygons. Most of the polygons are in the head so It will have greater morphability and the chest so I can make it male or female.

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