Rearranging Tabs help needed for Studio 4.5

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New install of Studio 4.5 locates a number of tabs in a large tab on the left side: Smart Content, Content Library, Scene, Render Settings are grouped together.

I inadvertently moved one, Render Settings, and although I can put it back, it shows up in a separate "group" tab.

Something like this, though vertical:

Content Library Smart Content Scene I Render Settings

I don't know if that will be clear, but the point being that the multiple large group tabs are not compact, and require an up/down arrow to fit. Needless to say, that adds more keystrokes to get to the tabs I want. How do I get back to the default install pattern, or, better yet, how can I group multiple panes in a single large tab based on my preferences?

This is a basic question that's probably been answered, but I found no help searching on tabs or organize tabs.

Thank you.


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    You can grab the render settings tab and drop it close to the other tabs. Then they'll become one tab group.

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    That's a no-go, BlackFeather1973.

    I tried every possible "close to," but still end up with a separate group tab and the crowding-out of the other tabs. I went back to layout, and got the corrected tab schema, but it seems there should be some way to reorganize those tabs to suit my workflow.

    Still in search of an answer.

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    Make sure you are moving the tab, not the window it floats in -click and drag on the words render Settings, and drop in the area that contains the to he tabs you want to dock it with (again, the actual tabs rather than the pane's contents which were formerly, and confusingly, called tabs too).

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    Here's another way : rightclick in the grey area of the tabgroup you want it to be in, Add Pane (Tab), choose the tab you want and it should jump right into that tab group.

    Edit : you are right, nowefg, just tried to drag the tabs like i said before, this does not work any more in DS4.5

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    Dragging tabs around still works in unless you have the docking/undocking locked.

    I think the toggle for locking tabs is CTRL u.

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    Thanks, everyone. I'll give it another go. Appreciate the helpful feedback.

  • nowefgnowefg Posts: 407
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    Thanks Richard; click-hold on the tab name worked. Not something I would have guessed!

    It's a relief to be able to set up the interface to suit; saves a lot of time, and makes the whole experience a lot more fun, i.e., effortless and productive.


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