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Poser quit rendering after subsurface scattering
Posted: 28 October 2012 07:45 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I made some snow in one of my scenes with that ...snow machine..thing. Either way, it took so long to precalculate and then it just quit. I don’t think I did anythign out of the ordinary. But it never rendered. It just quit after precalculating subsurface scattering and it gave me a pic of just the subsurface stuff. So I hit render again and now it’s precalculating all over again but the image isn’t changing like it usually does.
What is going on here I am mad


For future reference, I use PoserPro2014

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Being mad solves nothing.

It sounds like you are running out of memory.


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Snarlygribbly’s snow machine? Memory intensive and agree with TheWheelMan that you probably ran out of memory.

How much ram does your computer have and what are you snow machine-ing (heh, made that word up)?



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Probably memory
Check your render settings ...


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