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Zip files for the PC
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I have a question.  In getting one of the older items in zip format (which I’m thrilled at), I see that a pdf file explaining how to use zip files says this at the end in the FAQ

Q: Why am I getting a .zip folder instead of a self extracting .exe or .app?

A: There are several reasons that we have decided to switch our older installers out with .zip files.  The biggest being that our old Vise installers were incompatible with our new Magento web engine.  Many of the old vise installers were either for OS9 or Power PC applications and couldn’t be run on today’s Intel MACs.  The .zip format is a format that anyone can use regardless of OS.

This says ” we have decided to switch our older installers out with .zip files” and that it’s largely because of the old installers being incompatible for some computers.  That doesn’t say to me that ALL products will be zip files.

So, does that mean ONLY older files will be in zip format, or will ALL files, including new products, be in zips???


Ultimately everything (except perhaps plugins) will be in zips.  They started with older ones which don’t work in current versions of OSX, and set those live even though the Install Manager isn’t available yet.

Sorry Mike but I’m confused does this mean that the exe type files will no longer be available at all? I know that many are champing at the bit to get zips but I’m kinda attached to the old installers…and would like to know if they are not going to be available anymore. Not wanting to rain on anyones parade though…


There will be a single (optional) Install Manager program that you download once, which can install the zips (and, if you with, check online for updates and download them automatically).  So instead of an installer in every download, you just download the installer once.

Thanks for the info Mike…


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