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Hello I'm curious is there anyway to increase the speed of the middle mouse wheel zoom? Not sure where it would be in customizing if it's there. An also can you invert the right mouse click zoom which is faster? It zooms out when I use right click and drag to the right and zooms in when I right click drag left .I want it the other the way around. Thanks for reading!


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    I'm not sure about the Zoom speed,. but the question of inverting the mouse was asked earlier, and answered by Jimmy-C in another thread...


    Go to Edit > Customize (F3), and at the very bottom of the pane you should see a box called ‘Invert Mouse Wheel’.

    One way to quickly move the camera1 is by switching to the "Quad views" ..so you can see the TOP, Left, Right etc...
    then you can simply move the camera to where you need it.

    If you also use the "Point at" option on the Camera1,. and select your figure, then the camera will always point at that,. wherever you move it to.

    Hope it helps :)

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    Ah ok yea I found the invert mouse scroll wheel I just can't find one for inverting right click movement when zooming. It's when you drag out to the right that it zoom opposite of what I'm use to. It's not that big of a deal just was curious if I can change that one as well. I'll try the quad view and point at. Thanks man! appreciate it!

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    Hay, been there searched for that, but couldn't find anything too.

    so i made this utility that works while DAZ is open
    download it here

    Daz zooming utility

    I wanted to attach it to this post but the forum doesn't allow exes or rars to be attached

    it just make you zoom faster when you move the mouse wheel up or down while pressing Shift, Ctrl or Alt keys
    Mousewheel + shift = zoom speed 10X
    Mousewheel + CTRL = zoom speed 20X
    Mousewheel + Alt = zoom speed 30X

    I made it using my current version of daz DAZ Strudio 4.6 but it should work with other versions as well

    if you have any problem with it PM me.

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    This made my life easier! Thank you for the tool :)

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