PH Crazy/Lovely - Which files do I need to DL?

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I just bought the S5 Pro Bundle in the sale, but I'm on limited bandwidth/GB per month, so don't want to waste time downloading any files I don't actually need.
It's pretty straightforward except for two components: Pure Hair Lovely and Pure Hair Crazy. Here's an example of the files in my "Available Downloads" for PH Crazy (PH Lovely has a similar set):
14757_PHCrazyPoserCF_1.1_dpc.exe = Poser Companion - PC
14757_PHCrazyLegacy_1.1_trx.exe = Legacy - PC
14757_PHCrazy_1.1_trx.exe = DSON Core - PC
I'm running DS4.0 (but expect to upgrade to 4.5 soon) on a PC, but I do NOT have Poser.
Can someone please help me work out which file(s) I need to download? I'm guessing I don't need "Poser Companion", but what's the difference between "Legacy" and "DSON Core" - do I need both?



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    If I understand it correctly, then Legacy files should be for DS 4.0 and DSON files for DS 4.5.

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    Proxima Shining is correct. You need the Legacy version now for your DS 4.0 version. Wait until you actually have DS 4.5 to download the DSON. Who knows, there may already be an update by that time and you'd waste your bandwidth on the DSON version available now. You are correct, you don't need Poser companion files.

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    Thank you both very much - I'll do that!

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