External Hard Drive changed from F to H after being removed: Daz Studio is vengeful

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After a friend was buggering about on my computer, attempting to install Windows 7 64 bit - oh yeah, it's happenin'! - the partition name changed from F to H. This has confused Daz Studio majorly, and it's cost me all my old scenes that would be -really- quite inconveniant to recreate!

Originally, I tried changing all the content directories in Daz to the H drive.

This did not allow me to reload my old scenes.

So what I did then was change the H drive back to the F drive, through the Administrator Tools. While this allows Daz to boot up Genesis by default again - it's a start - my old scenes still won't load. The following message appears:

Unable to locate file - okay, so I help it locate all the old files.

It then comes with a larger message: Unable to find files. One or more files can not be found while loading F:/Mydocuments/blahblahblahblah Make sure your Daz Studio content directories are correctly set in the Content Library > Options Menu > Content Directory Manager. Please see the log file for details.

The log comes up with:

Unable to find file for storable: data/4_0_2/pSphere(12pog00)24_12/shape/geometry_115c223f_ce97_83d2_58d1_66da5f489d9b/geometry.dso

^ It does this -lots- of times with different files.

Please help! I spent a lot of time on these characters and I really don't want to deal doing it all again!


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    Errrrrr, nevermind actually, fixed it. HOOOOOO RAAAAAAAH!

  • Ashfire45Ashfire45 Posts: 126
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    Although, rather curiously now, Daz Studio is acting -incredibly- slow, as if I'm running low on RAM. Before the external hard drive nonesense, Daz wouldn't have struggled on my computer at the simple test scene I'm doing now; a nude figure with hair. Going from side to side in the scene is a hassle and a half, and my computer's acting RAM hungry...The heck?

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    What are your specs and what version of Studio are you running?

    What other applications are you running when Studio is running?

    Have you updated your video card drivers?

    Are your runtime and data files on an external drive? If so how is it connected? How was it connected before?

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