V4/M4 Clothes on genesis in poser

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whats the best way to fit V4/M4 clothes onto genesis in poser.

do I need to apply them in autofit in dazstudio , then export them back into poser ??


  • ByrdieByrdie Posts: 1,342
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    That's how it's done. Use a zeroed Genesis for best results. When you are satisfied, save the outfit as a wearable asset then create a Poser Companion File for it. Load in Poser as you would a regularly imported Genesis outfit. Just remember that certain things do not autofit very well, like shoes and boots, especially if they have high heels and/or thick soles. Long dresses and some skirts can also be problematic.

  • GiGi_7GiGi_7 Posts: 1,091
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    Shoes need rerig for now. I suppose dress and skirt need rerig or add ghost bone.

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