Windows 8 and Daz Studio x64

Hi all,

Just wondered if anybody has managed to get Studio 3 to run in windows 8. If I start studio 3 it crashes instantly, before the intro picture even appears. I've tried running in compatibility mode and as admin, but no luck. Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone know a workaround?



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    I don't have Windows 8, and I have no idea at the moment of what the problem might be but you should check the log.txt file, which should be found, hmm, in documents//ApplicationData/DAZ 3D/Studio3. Perhaps it holds some useful information of the precise point it crashes at.

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    Did go through the log file and seemed to be a lot of "Failed to initialize" stuff. Thought it may have been an openGL problem. Anyway, couldn't fix it. Installed 32 bit Studio 3 about 40 mins ago and oddly enough it runs like a dream! Might be 64 bit coding incompatibility for studio and win8.

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    I don't know why, but, I had Windows 7 and Daz 3. I upgraded Win 7 to 8 and Daz 3 ran fine. On the same machine, I did a clean install of 8 due to some crap getting on my computer and now Daz 3 advance will not get to the splash screen to install. Daz 4 installs and runs fin in 8...

    Follow up on it, I right clicked on the install, in the compatibility and chose windows 7 and then opened it as admin. seemed to install and load fine after that.

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    I know it's an old tread but someone might need it

    Right click the exe file, select run in compability mode, select which win version you want to run it as and apply

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