Kind of a technical question

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I have a kind of unusual problem I guess, well, I have my DS minimized while rendering.

That is fine.

But unfortunately what a coincidence that now since my mac is frozen, I might need to shut down and restart again the computer in order to close and open my windows. Question is, I don't know whether my rendering of DS is still going on, so if I shut down the computer I would shut off my DS whether it is rendering or not, right? I don't want to lose what had been rendered, so to be safe should I wait till it's about time the rendering should be finished then shut down the computer, just in case DS is still rendering?


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    If your PC is Froze and DS will not open (Maximize) it is also frozen. You will not lose what is not happening.

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    There is, a slight, very slight, chance that it isn't frozen, but reacting extremely slowly...due to the render in progress. The problem is there is no easy way to know.

    Like Jaderail said, if it IS completely locked up, the render is toast, already. But if the render had taken total control and is using all the memory and all the may take a while for the system to respond to any other input. If I didn't have an easy way to check, I'd kill it now and restart the render, sense waiting around for something that may already be dead.

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