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I have the program at work and put it on the home computer. after one use it now asks for my name and serial number again and crashes as soon as i put it in. I tried uninstalling it got a new version with a new serial number and it still crashes. I've tried twenty+ way to get the program to work. If you know any thing that could help please let me know


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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Bryce 7 does not work with the newer OS for Mac. Even though you did not state you are running a mac I assume you are based on the particular error you described.

    I do not run a mac but there are others who have gotten Bryce to work but it requires some clever tricks. Hopefully someone will chime in and explain it much better.

    Best of luck. And again, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It is written on the product page that Bryce 7 is not compatible with the newer OS versions but it seems very few people actually notice it.

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    Bryce is not compatible with MacOSX 10.7+

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    Bryce is not compatible with MacOSX 10.7+

    No, Mac OS 10.7 is not compatible anymore with any program that was written for the Motorola processor before Apple changed to the Intel processor. Apple ceased to support those programs starting at 10.7.
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    Is there any program that i can use to use the files i have on bryce. I am beyond furious. I feel like I have been scammed. And if it wasn't for the fact that we use these programs at work, I would be looking for a better animation bundle. I don't trust these programs. I have a ten month at home and can't go to the office all the time. And blab blab blab, whatever. If you know a program that works that would be helpful, because now I'm stuck with a dead-line and a half finished project!

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    only way to run ANY version on Mac as far as i know it to partiton the disk with bootcamp and run Windows 7 that way or use parrales to do the same. The latter wil slow the machin down somewhat

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