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Thought I'd play around with this sci-fi console from JK? Well, its not my work, but I had fun finding more interesting textures for it.

1280 x 720 - 988K


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    There seem to be some software around that specially allow you to create all sorts of nice textures, but I know next to nothing about them. You happen to know of any? Always wanted to create some shiny brass textures with ancient-looking patterns on them which would tile seamlessly... (Complete with displacement maps and all...)

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    I don't know of any such software, however I have gone out and snapped photos of things such as concret, brick and trees to provide myself with textures. Also there are hundreds, if not thousands, of web sites that offer free textures for the downloading. For great bricks, try ACME brick - they have or had a catalog that you could download and refer to with nice sized thumbnails of their product line.

    I bought Photoshop, but one can also use the GIMP. Photoshop brushes work great in the GIMP and you can sometimes follow along with a PS tutorial in the GIMP.

    So, there are a lot of resources for next to no cost out there.



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    Genetica is a great program for making tiling textures. You can create them from proceduals or from your own photos. It is a bit pricey though it goes on sale every so often. Generally before a new update. http://www.spiralgraphics.biz/genetica.htm There are similar programs but I don't have any of them and cant vouch for them.

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    I use FilterForge a lot for textures, http://www.filterforge.com
    I also use it for postwork stuff.

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