Suggested cheap laptops for DAZ Studio?

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I'm really sorry to be asking for help like this. I know there was just a thread about getting a new computer and I know before that there were others. I just can't find them. I may have to break down and get a laptop computer sooner than I wanted (meaning light funds) so that I can keep working while my mom is in the ICU again. I know studio does not like some graphics cards and I am guessing that some computer brands are more likely to have said cards. I'm sort of at a loss at what to look at other than price wise and unless they tell me tonight she will be better sooner than I expect I'll run to the local compUSA in the morning and get something so I can work at the hospital.


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    Basically...stay away from anything with an "Intel Graphics" whatever they are calling it this month.

    Any multicore/decent RAM (read more than 4GB) modern machine with 64 bit Windows should be fine. Discreet graphics (read actual video card) is better...but much more, in the cost department. A midrange i5 or AMD quad will be fine. AMD or Nvidia graphics and at least 6 GB RAM (8 or more is better). Although, giving a quick look...there are some discreet video i5s in the $600 range. (there are some 15" i3s in the $400 range) Stay away from 'low end' Celeron/Pentium CPUs...the i-series Intel and A series AMD and 'up' are what to look for.

    Of course, the larger the screen the easier/better it will be.

    Two or more USB ports is a major plus. Grabbing a mouse/wireless mouse...very good idea. Doing this kind of work with the touchpad...frustrating.

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    Thank you very much! I think I found one that fits in with your suggestions and is within my budget.

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    Wut mjc said...

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