Genesis evolution morphs not showing up on saved gen. characters

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Currently I am using Daz studio 4. version pro.

I just installed Genesis evolution Body morphs. when I load and select a saved Genesis character the morphs do not show up in the parameters at all, but if I close the scene and open a new one , select the new Genesis the morphs now show up and work. It looks like the morphs will not show up ONLY with Genesis characters that where save before I installed the morphs. Is this the way it should be?



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    That is how it works as far as I know.

    When you load your Scene with the saved (morphless) Genesis, have you tried immediately saving it again? That should add the new morphs I beliieve/

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    I just tryed that a couple of times, didn't seem to change anything.

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    As your still using 4.0 I'm assuming your saving your characters as a .daz scene files, in that case the Genesis you have in your scenes is "locked" and only uses the .dso, .dsd & .dsv files from the data folder that were created when you saved, as a result it doesn't read the .dsf asset files that the original Genesis uses.

    IIRC there is a "cheat" to get them in to your characters, something along the lines of, load your character, load Genesis from it's .dsf file, select your character in the scene tab, delete your character then click undo, it's meant to reload your character using the info from the second Genesis therefore adding the new morph channels, then you delete the second Genesis and resave your character.

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    Yes, that was it Bejaymac.

    I couldn't remember the details as I never used Genesis much in older scenes.
    Thanks for posting that.

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    :red: you are so quick,, to answer ,,

    it is the way it should be.
    but I think you can apply the new installed morph to your character which saved before.

    first load the character dsf which you saved before.
    now it has not morph you installed after you saved the character.

    select the genesis, then apply new genesis dsf with ctrl + double click on your character.
    now the genesis has new morphs controller but the character shape return to genesis.

    then top menu Edit undo.

    now I think your character can use new morph which you install after you saved the character.

    ("apply new genesis, then undo" can use for your character saved in .daz.sceane file I think
    now I do not use ds 4,,t)

    now in ds 4.5 if you save the character of genesis, or saved sceane as duf,
    and after that you installed new morph, every morph controller appear when you load the character or duf.scene.

    I do not know which is useful for me.I hope just keep what I saved before perfectly.

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    Thanks everyone. The load, delete, reload did it. I would get the newer 4.5 version, but from what I've read on this forum 4.5 has way to many problems.


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