13924 Underwear for M5?

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I've been sorting out my order history, resets, downloads, updates, metadatas etc etc. Yes, quite a task and not very pleasant.

On the good side, I've discovered a number of duplicate purchases (all in the new store!) which I intend to claim back from sales support (once Zendesk is working again). I don't think its fair to pay twice or even three times for the same item because the silly store doesn't check for us.

Anywho, back on topic: I have an installed product with SKU 13924 called Underwear for M5. I can't find this in my order history and I can't find it in the store. I can only guess it might have been part of M5 Pro Bundle but was then pulled?

Does anybody know anything about this product?

EDIT: its in the online ReadMe list, but does not contain any info.

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    I cataloged these Bonus installers as part of the Michael 5 product: http://www.daz3d.com/shop/michael-5


    They are listed on the "What's included and features" tab

    Also Included:
    ◦20 Poses for Michael 5 (.DUF, .DSF and .PZ2)
    ◦3 Piece Boxer Set (.DUF, .DSF and .CR2) ◦Boxers
    ◦Boxer Briefs

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    Aaah, I hadn't seen them there. Thank you Lindsey!

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    You're welcome! Thanks for all you do too...

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