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Mec4D - 26 October 2012 08:29 PM

Hey Guys, just switched to WIN8 , love it
all programs working for me so much faster DS and the rest ..
Finally my desktop is clean and everything organized , I am used to my Android Tablet
and also love the APP for WIN8
for the limited time they have low cost upgrade to WIN8 Pro on the microsoft website
and I am about to upgrade also my older dual core laptop tomorrow
The Win8 Pro allow you to use the desktop the old way as it was in Win7
but I prefer the new way as it is so much easy to access all my stuff, renders and files

DS4.5 is working so much faster now , I guess the new upgrade installation made a good clean up in the system lol
no issues so far

now I wanna see DAZ3D App store for WIN8 , that would be great


Well it is an imposition or better said it a bad joke that you need the pro version to get the old but good desktop interface. Not more to say

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