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Individual toe controls for Genesis
Posted: 26 October 2012 04:39 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I was really surprised when Genesis came out to see the toes have not been rigged individually, being such a versatile figure, this is something it’s really lacking. For certain poses it’s really necesary, like crawling poses for example, where toes bend upwards from the base to the tip.

I’m aware there are morphs for toe movement, but this do not work well with extreme morphs, and don’t have 100% the range movement you would have with individual control.

I made a custom rig for V4 some time ago, with individual toes, but that was a lot of work and I wouldn’t like to go through that again, more so now that genesis is composed of a single group geometry, and there’s weight map involved.

I’m hoping any vendor out there gives this a shot, using geo-grafting or custom rigging, and release a product sometime in the future smile