Posing Difficulty

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After I load up Genesis in DS Pro 4.5, the figure body parts have no difficulty keeping up with my cursor movement. However, once i add a few more items to the scene, (especially some that requires auto-fit with many iterations), the figure takes quite a bit of time to rotate or translate a joint and thus posing becomes a real challenge since the movements aren't real time anymore. Are there any setting that I can adjust in DS to compensate for this?

Will Decimator help with this problem?


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    Turn smoothing off in the clothing - that can be a real drag on performance. You will want to turn it back on before rendering, and you may then need to tweak your poses, but at least the big movements should be done by then. Select each clothing item and use the button under the Smoothing group in Parameters - if the group isn't there there isn't any smoothing to turn off.

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    Also check your Interface options in Edit/Preferences. If they're too ambitious for your PC it will slow things down.

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