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I just bought Carrara 8 Pro, couldn't resist at that price (70% off, and an additional 30% with the SAVE-30 coupon :cheese: ).
It comes with some V4/M4 files (base, poses, morphs++).
I already have these for Studio.Are the Carrara ones the same, or do i have to install them as well ?

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    HI BlackFeather1973

    Welcome :)

    they're the same Base models and morph Packs which you may already have, so, you don't need to install them again.
    V4 / M4 etc can be loaded into carrara via the content browser,, from your existing DS or Poser runtime,

    but there are also Carrara specific files for those figures EG: "High res shaders" which you won't have..

    Any carrara specific content should be installed into the main Carrara program folder.

    Hope it helps :)

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    Thanks, 3dage !
    I'm sure many more questions will follow later on...

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