Moonshine Diner poses Genesis only? I would buy a pz2 pack

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I am actually using Carrara but tend to use the Poser content/poses and infact am using the Poser anatomy skeleton.
I want one in every seat
I notice the diner poses are Genesis only so if you have an earlier version of Poser like I have or do not wish to use Genesis you are basically out of luck, or is there a file I missed with pz2 poses!
(well, no, product DOES say Genesis)
only good thing, they were free!
preparing now to induvidually pose my skeletons :long:

pls make a pose pack for other characters, I would buy it

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    see this thread
    (or merge it, pls Chohole no more clubbing, I beez a good troll now :red: )

    I spent forever posing skeletons in the seats of the diner for my upcoming Halloween render,
    then there is all the other Daz characters and toons
    and it does not work in Carrara anyway :snake:

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese at least as a $1.99 platynumb clubb item can we have some good old legacy pz2 files to use with other figures.
    and the Diner works fine in DS3 too so for those non Studio 4 using luddites to pose their Aiko3 Mulberry and other assorted oldie figures for a nice fast food meal too!

    give us non-Genesis figures some love Jack, we love you and your products too!

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    I have some poses of V4 eating and drinking if you'd like.

    I have some for M4 as well, but can't remember the name of the file. Either way, you can use V4 Poses for some M4 ones and vice versa.

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    Threads merged - if you want we can move this thread to Product Suggestions.

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    well product suggestions was were I wanted it, hence the new thread %-P

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    yes thx EClarke, I have eating aniblocks and other motions, it was the ease of placing figures in seats I would like
    pretty sure others would use non Genesis figures with the diner too.
    I use preset poses often as a starting point esp in the dreamhouse for example.
    would be handy here too.

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