Error message when trying to open a DUF file in Carrara 8.5

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I tried to open a DUF file in Carrara 8.5 and I got this message.

I have the latest beta build of Carrara and have Daz Studio 4.5 up to date

Has anyone had this problem? If so how did you fix it?


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    HI :)

    What's in the DUF ?

    some things from DS won't import because they're DS specific.

    although, simple scenes with posed figures and clothing should load in but may need some shader adjustments.

    The main figures hair and clothing, can be loaded in through the Carrara browser.
    It's mainly material presets or pose sets which 8.5 has issues with right now,.. but that format's changing to duf so it will be able to read them.

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    I have a modified Aiko 4 character with shirt, pants and shoes.

    I will try it without and props and see how that goes.



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