Need some advice on creating a scary character

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help with the following.

I am looking to create a character pretty much identical to this picture:

In the style of the film The Ring

Would this be possible in Daz3D, if so what characters could i use/purchase with similar hospital clothing.

Ideally i would need something very realistic and i would need to be able to export the model/clothes and high res skin textures to be rendered as part of an animation in studio max (the character itself would not need to be animated).

If this is possible please let me know or if the export function would not work well please also let me know.

Many thanks.


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    Sorry can't see the image.

    Most content can be Exported via OBJ or Callada from Daz Studio so with you wanting a static prop this is no problem.

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    Thanks Pete,

    Here are a couple more images, hope you can see them.

    Does anyone one if there are any characters similar to this one in the marketplace?


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    Ok dokey what are you looking for exactly? The face and body shape or the full monty, clothing and hair too?

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    The full monty if possible, and if there was a way to morph her face into something ugly that would be even better!


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    Why I am asking is that A: the Genesis figure can be shaped up to a point, scaled down, up sideways etc. :) Then you buy the hair and clothing separately.

    So what we nened help with, from the community here is a hair product, clothing and perhaps an additional morph set that will get you your character.

    I personally don't have anything in my content that looks similar.

    I hope folks will pop in and point you in the right direction

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    I know it's a far cry from what you're probably looking for, but maybe it's one step in the right direction:

    There is a 'scary little girl' set from Danie and marforno, who, imho, generally produce some of the better content:

    It's for K4, although the textures - and that's what should be the most interesting - should work on Genesis as well.

    The outfit is:

    As for 'scary girls', there's also Rebelmommy's Esmeray:

    For hair, the first thing that comes to my mind is:
    It's not as long, but it does come with an acceptable amount of morphs and has that scruffy Samara-Morgan-hair look

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