Need help with texture/shaders

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I am trying to attach a tail to a character with a skin texture that has lots of functions such as edge blend, color math, etc. I can make a skin texture fairly closely matches the original texture of the character but of course it looks different once rendered without the nodes. Is there an easy way to transfer all the nodes to the tail texture? I use Poser 8.


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    Save the material to the library (the little + at the bottom of the library window, I think) and then select the tail and apply the saved material. Then replace the skin texture with the one you made, if necessary.

    Another way is to highlight the root node and all the nodes you want to transfer, copy them (Ctrl+C), go to the tail, and paste (Ctrl+V).

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    THANK YOU!! worked great, It took a little tweeking afterward but I got a pretty good match.

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