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I am planing to upgrade my system from Win 7 32bit to Win7 64bit. I have an Intel DualCore CPU and 4GB RAM. Currently I can use only 3GB because of the 32bit limit. With 64bit I can use the whole 4GB. Right? So this will be an advantage.

I have already found 64bit drivers for all of my devices, so I do not expect any problems here.

What I want to know is how does DAZ3D work in 64bit? I know there is a 64bit version which I will install. How does it behave? Is it better, faster, or the same? Maybe more or less stable? Do I have to expect any problems with DAZ 64bit? Does all the content work without any problems?

For all of you who have experiences with both versions, please tell me your opinions.



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    With the amount of RAM you have...more stable. Yes, you'll get to use the full 4 GBs so that would leave you between 2.5 and 3.25 for DS to use, instead of the '1.5 to 2.25...

    If possible, increasing the amount of RAM would help even more.

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    Thanks, this is some good news.

    Unfortunately, adding more RAM is not possible, because my Mainboard is limited to 4GB (2x2GB) - it is not the newest one :-)

    I remeber that I have read somewhere that CPUs act a little faster in 64bit environments. I think it had something to do with additional internal registers and more bandwith due to 64bit operations. But I am absolutely no expert with that kind of things. Can anyone confirm this? And does that maybe speed up rendering in DAZ a bit? Or is the performance the same as in Win 7 32bit?

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    You'll see a small improvement if you are already maxing you system out . The real benefits start to show themselves at the 6-8 GB range. I'd say if the price of the new chip in negligible and the 64-bit OS came with you computer (or the 32-bit version you currently have) then go for it.

    As for performance, It depends on whether or not you current renders are using more than 2GB, It not so much a speed increase, as it is a lack of speed decrease when you max out the ram Daz Studio is aloud to access (2GB per app) If its raw speed you want the sure-fire way to get that would be to get a quad core processor, (Ideally an i7 which will give you 8 processing threads)

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    You can buy bigger RAM modules 2X4GB would do you proud.

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    XoechZ said:

    Unfortunately, adding more RAM is not possible, because my Mainboard is limited to 4GB (2x2GB) - it is not the newest one :-)

    I some how get the impression that his board is only rated for 2x2GB, Sometimes you can use bigger sticks anyway (Mac Mini comes to mind.) But unless your getting free ram or its a well publicized fact (Like the aforementioned Mac Mini) I wouldn't bother.

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    Yes that is true. It is an ASUS board (Socket 775) and the manual says that it can handle max. 4GB Ram (2GB in each of the 2 slots - DDR2). Of course it would be nice to upgrade the whole system, but I cannot afford everything at once.

    I already have a good graphics card and a SSD drive. Now I will try it with the 64bit OS, the rest will follow next year.

    Thanks for your answers!

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