Rapper For M4... Whoa...

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I just sent Odnajdy and D_jerry a begging email to PLEASE consider doing a morph of this character for Genesis.

I have GeneX - but I haven't used it yet - BUT - this may force my hand to learn it if they won't consider upgrading this package to work on Genesis.

I want SO BAD to use him on Genesis for the Supersuit to do a graphic Fan Fiction story surrounding, "Hancock" I LOVED that movie, the story line, everything about it. He and Charlize Theron were PERFECT in that!

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    I hope they would. This is an awesome Product. I love the whole line in that theme.

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    And here I thought I was the only one who loved that movie, and it's entire premise.

    I hope you get your wish, Mercedes. I would love to see what you come up with for fan-fiction based on it. My wish is that you make it available for public viewing, and I hope you are planning to delve into the back-story (would love to see them walking amongst the mortals in their God-like guises).

    Also, those two vendors do some amazing work. Spot-on.

    Good luck, and take care...

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    Yes, saw this new one this AM... excellent work as usual. Just wish they would do Genesis morphs, even if it's a quicky transfer using some app and saved as a .dsf file.

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    Rapper is in my wish list (which is pretty full right now)...I'm imagining a Wild Wild West steampunk style image.....

    I kind of recall how to use Gen-x....I'll see if I can remember how to use it this weekend.

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    He looks like Will Smith to me. Can the character be used without the earrings?

    I hope there will be a Genesis character looking like him soon.

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    No chance to try Genx yet, but I was able to play a little...

    800 x 377 - 167K
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    Hi, everybody!

    First, I want to thank all fans of my series "Favourite heroes". Many many thanks. It is very pleasant to me :)

    Concerning Rapper model transfer for generation Genesis for DS... The matter is that I decided in general all the models of this series to transfer to Genesis. BUT.... It not such simple task as can seem at first sight. In my models (unlike the majority) appearance morphs are put NOT SIMPLY. I registered internal communications between the bottom jaw, eyes... during performance of various emotions. Here difficult mechanism of interaction and internal invisible modifiers, limiters and so further. That is all that automatically GenX won't make. It it is necessary to translate everything for Genesis manually, long and carefully....
    Generally, within the next two months I plan to let out 6-10 more models of stars on a platform of the fourth generation. And then to translate all this for Genesis at once and together. Still I can offer the collection of materials for all the models at work in DazStudio.
    Therefore, please, I ask you to wait any time about Genesis. I surely will help you :)

    Ahead there will be meetings with even very large number of celebrities and favourite characters.

    p.s. Salem Remarkable work! I seldom receive similar pleasure. Many thanks and Bravo, Don!

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