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Help Understanding Genesis
Posted: 24 October 2012 04:03 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Now that i’m thrilled and excited about having Genesis on my Poser 9 Runtime
i have a few dumb question i need some help to understand

The DSON and content installers i download comes wiht a male and female figure and a Kid… and a figure call GENESIS

1- Michael 5 doesn’t come with the pack. Do i have to get him as well as V5 ?. If so, is there a Pro pack available?
2- How can I use this figures already on my Runtime?... textures?, clothing? etc
3- Or does M5 and V5 needs this files in order to work properly?
4- When it comes to Genesis clothing that I will buy.. they need to be installed ON those extra folders alongside my Runtime?

Forgive my dumb questions but i need to be sure before i go mad buying content


Thanks again guys!

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1. M5 and V5 are add-ons for Genesis, both have Pro bundles (and even Pro Suite bundles, though there’s some overlap between the two - it looks as if they will be available as options for the Buy-It-All bonus for the PC Anniversary promotion).

2. Textures for the fourth generation figures will work on Genesis, but you will need to use the Basic… materials to switch UV maps (base Genesis and the Basic female load with V4 mapping, Basic male uses M4 and Basic Child Kids 4). Morphs and clothes for the older generations won’t, however, work.

3. Not sure what you mean - but M5 and V5 are dependent on the base Genesis, though they can be loaded from the figure library as the Basic ... characters can.

4. Yes, additional clothing will need to be installed to the folder that holds the Runtime folder, both the core and the companion files installers.


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1 - If you want M5 or V5, you have to buy them separately. Each has their own Pro bundle, there are even Pro Suite bundles for both in the store. But you don´t need M5 and V5 - Genesis Basic Male, Basic Female and Basic Child are included in the free download. They are all morphs for Genesis - Genesis is the main figure and it can be morphed into man, woman, child, even gorilla (separate morph product) etc.

2 - In the free download there should be some clothing, hair and textures also.

3 - M5 and V5 are morphs for Genesis, they are not stand alone figures and cannot function separately.

4 - I don´t use Poser, so I don´t know. Hopefully someone else will answer your question.

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I get it guys!. Ok.. thank you so much for your help!!!
Means a lot to me!

Now the fun part.. spent some money!