Growing 3D Vines?

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As I can achieve the same effect in Carrara Pro 8? Some of you already identified than I speak:

I want to do the same as 3D Studio but in Carrara 8 Pro.

is it possible, anyone know any tutorial or way of doing the same?

Well, in fact I need do a 3D ribbon "grow" like the sample of videocopilot, but straight, to use like break cut.

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    Hi Ruben

    sorry fell asleep during the video but the answer is yes

    carrara has a spline room
    you should be able to do it if you read the m anual carefully

    splines are also animatable so you can change the shape over time if you need to get them to look like they are growing

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    Thak you Andrew, I need to learn quick from some tutorial of you tube, and refine with the manual. Thank you again for the answer.

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    Hey Ruben pleasure !
    Have you seen this plug in ?
    it was posted after I answered your question
    looks good.
    you could grow vines inside a transparent mesh by the look of it!

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    Have you considered these options:

    1) Morphing vine that's grouped with the camera. As both advance, the vine morphs. The ending could just have the vine extend farther than the camera. EvilInnocence has some inexepensive vines & tentacles. He also has a Poser plug-in that creates bones complete with an assortment of built-in morphs.

    2) A really long vine that has a transparancy shader. As the camera advances, adjust the transparancy. Shaders have an option for the x,y, & z axis. There's also a shader plug-in called Proximity, but it hasn't been updated for Carrara 8 yet. Digital Carvers Guild might have something similar. The Proximity changes a shader according to it's location to an object or coordinate within the work space.

    3) The spline object works as well. Possibly more efficient when used with option 1.

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