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The following was posted on my facebook group Daz Studio Addicts" and
i donot know the answer.
would like to know how can i do the integration between optitex and daz ?
i can't either export optitex model file *.mod or import optitex cloth*.clt
do i need a specific version of daz or do i need to download plugin for it ??
i did tried this site there it is:


but i didn't untrestand how to"Inquire on the proper plugin in Daz that is able to work with OptiTex"
please help and thanks again


  • KhoryKhory Posts: 3,846
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    I believe that content created with the optitex system needs to go through a special plug in to conform it to the DAZ figures. As far as I know you need to contact optitex directly to get it.

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    I have used optitex freebies with no prolbems in DS4.5Pro. I also have a dynamic chlothing tab.

    EDIT: Ingore me, i thought it was for dynamic chlothing. Damn Optitex.

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